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Welcome to GarciniaCambogiaSide-Effects.com website. Here, in this page, we will be highlighting on all the terms and conditions that oversee how you use this website. But before we look into the details, we advise every user of this website to consider reading the whole of this statement more carefully before accessing the site (http://garciniacambogiaside-effects.com).

General terms of use

By accessing http://garciniacambogiaside-effects.com, you agree to have reviewed all our terms and conditions more carefully; at the same time, agree to be bound by them as well. Similarly, if you're not in agreement with our terms and conditions as placed herein, then you're not allowed to use the site in any manner whatsoever.

Age of use

This website is only availed to those above the legal age, 18 years. So if you're not 18 or older, please don't use the website unless you have a written approval from either one of your parents. To cut it short, by using our website (http://garciniacambogiaside-effects.com), you acknowledge that you're above the legal age, and that you're old enough to make the right decision on how to use the site. 

Accuracy of information

Every time we post any content in this website, we try to ensure the content is complete and more accurate, or as required by the user. But regardless of all our effort, the content may still be subjected to typographic errors, pricing mistakes or a series of other errors that are beyond our control. This statement has been created to warn you that we cannot, in any way, be held responsible for all the damages or loss that result from the existence of such errors within our content. With that in mind, every time you use this site, you do is at your own risk. In short, you're responsible for anything that occurs as a result of using the site. 

Intellectual property rights

All materials in GarciniaCambogiaSide-Effects.com – including but not limited, logos, texts, designs, graphics, layout and other files as well–are sole property of our company and related suppliers. Consequently, you're not permitted to use such materials in any way without a prior written permission from us.  

Third party websites

Like any other website, GarciniaCambogiaSide-Effects.com may contain a number of links that direct to other websites that are not operated or controlled by us. Besides, the inclusion of such links in our website does in any way denote an endorsement or our association with any site in particular. And since we do not operate and control such websites, nor their resources, we are not liable or responsible for the damages or the losses you accrue while accessing the site. We therefore recommend that you review the terms and conditions of any site that's in link with our website, before you can actually proceed and access it.

Modification of terms

GarciniaCambogiaSide-Effects.com is egally allowed to modify or amend any section of our terms and conditions at any point in time without being constrained to give a prior warning. And since your continued usage of this site is based upon the terms of use that are effective at the moment, you are advised to always check the latest version of our terms and conditions by revisiting this page periodically. 

Privacy policy

To fully understand how we manage and control this website, you're also reminded to revisit our privacy policy statement for a clear picture on how we collect and manage your personal information.

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